Rules Commission


The Regulations Commission combines the ISMF technicians and the competent persons regarding ski mountaineering competitions. Everyone is a present actor of the ski mountaineering, who closely follow the evolution of the sporting events, competitions, examinations, races and equipment.

The aim to combine these personalities is to maintain the level of ski mountaineering in competition as high as possible.


Jordi Canals

Recognized personality


Jakob Hermmann

Athletes representative


Oriol Montero

ISMF Referee Manager


Hug Bernhard

ISMF Coach Representative


Alain Lanxade

IT - Ranking Manager


Olivier Mansiot

Recognized personality


Armando Mariotta

ISMF Board Memeber


Marco Mosso

Recognized personality


Gil Orriols

ISMF Technical Director


Leatitia Roux

Athletes representative


Denis Pivot

Manufacturers Pool companies delegate